About Us

This Association is composed of Baptist churches, pastors, ordained and licensed ministers of the same who are willing to adhere to the doctrine, discipline and ordinance of the Baptist Church.
This is a self-governing body practicing majority rule under the lordship of Jesus Christ. The membership retains unto itself the exclusive right of governing, in cooperation with its member churches, in all phases of the spiritual and temporal matters of this body.

The auxiliaries of this Association shall be the Missionary Auxiliary,  Congress of Christian Education, and The Ushers’ Auxiliary.

Statement of Faith:  We hold that the Holy Bible is the basis for this statement of faith.  This Assocciation subscribes to the doctrine of Scripture as outlined in the  Articles of Faith recorded in the New National Baptist Hymnal published by the National Baptist Publishing Board.


  • To foster and support the cause of Christ in the churches
    to promote spiritual growth through Christian Education and church training
  • to give support to Shaw Divinity School
  • To support the Central Children’s Home
  • To support Home and Foreign Mission through the Unified Plan of the General Baptist State Convention
  • To advance the cause of Christian life through”MISSIONS,” “EDUCATION” and “FELLOWSHIP.”


  • Who can Join us?
    • Baptist Churches
    • Baptist Pastor
    • Baptist Ordained & Licensed ministers

Those who are willing to adhere to the doctrine, discipline and ordinances of the Baptist Church.

“There is one body, and one spirit,……”
Ephesians 4:5