Sis. Charlean Brown, Auditor    Bro. Jose Corales, Auditor

Budget Committee

Chair: Rev. Timothy Edwards, Rev. Linda Taybron, Rev. O.D. Sykes, Rev. Felix Petteway, Rev. John Neal, and Sis. Gladys Banks

Christian Training Institute

Director: Bishop Shelton Daniel

Asst. Director: Rev. Kenneth Alexander

 Committee on Officers

Chair: Rev. Milton Jones,

Bishop Shelton Daniel, Rev. Timothy Edwards Rev. Mary M. Stinnett, & Sis. Margie Thorne

Congress of Christian Education

Director: Sis. Yolanda Scott

Asst. Director: Sis. Hazel Corales

Sis. Martha Faulcon 252-586-5562    e-mail:

Missionary Auxiliary

Sis. Willie Mae Davis, Director

Telephone: 252-586-6112

Sis. Ann L. Jones, Assistant Director

Ordaining Council

Rev. Robert Faulcon, Chair

Rev. Robert Hedgepeth, Rev. Linda Taybron,

Rev. John Neal Rev. Timothy Edwards,

Rev. O. D. Sykes, Bishop Shelton Daniel

Ushers’ Auxiliary

Director: Rev. Leon Carter

Telephone: 252-236-1573

Asst. Dir.: Rev. Jeffrey Anderson

Youth Department

Sis. Jennie Arrington, Director

Sis. Rosa Gilchrist, Asst. Youth Director

Telephone: (252) 586-7317

Sis. Sheila Carter, Member